The arms of the ancient house of Hilton, County Durham,
one of the great baronial families of Palatinate barons of the
Bishopric to which Baron Robert de Hilton belonged, are thus described:
Arms--Argent, two bars azure.
Crest--A stag couchant ducally gourged and chained or.
Supporters--Two lions azure.

Although I'm a relative newcomer in researching my ancestors and those of my wife (Susan Dressler Ballard Hilton), progress has been made in the past several years--mostly because of visits to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and through many wonderful connections made via the Internet. Norma Dressler Ballard (Susan's mother) also has been of tremendous help.

My family genealogy pages are devoted primarily to research on these surnames:

  • Byars
  • Dressler
  • Franks
  • Krug
  • Lauderback (Lauterbach/Lauterback/Lauderbatch)
  • Schade
  • Strange
  • Summerscales
  • Werle (Werley)
  • Wisher

These pages will be updated frequently as more information comes in via on-line research and family detective work, so check back often to see what kind of progress has been made. We also hope to be adding photos soon.

Please contact Bill Hilton Jr. if you have corrections, additions, questions, or new information.


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