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The following programs are available to schools and school districts, professional societies, garden clubs, environmental organizations, churches, senior citizens, and other interested groups.

Presentations are by Bill Hilton Jr., a nationally known, award-winning science teacher and nature writer, consultant in science teaching and cross-disciplinary education, and executive director of Hilton Pond Center for Piedmont Natural History.

To schedule a workshop, lecture, field trip, or other presentation--or to inquire about a program on a topic not listed below--contact EDUCATION or call (803)684-5852. Fees are based on topic, size and type of group, distance traveled, and other factors.

NOTE: With South Carolina certification in biology (Masters plus 30 hours), Bill Hilton Jr. also may be available as an interim instructor for biology and environmental science teachers on extended medical and maternity leave. Please contact him at EDUCATION to discuss this possibility.

Click on a topic below to view a list of related titles, then click on the title for details about the presentation.

NOW BOOKING FOR 2009 and beyond:
School-wide Naturalist-in-Residence

In 2009, informative and entertaining hummingbird banding presentations are being scheduled around the U.S.
(Click on the logo at left for details.)
If your group would like to host Hummingbird Mornings anywhere in the U.S. or Canada in 2009 or later, contact
Bill Hilton Jr.

-- Hummingbirds & Hamburgers: The Tropical Connection
-- Hummingbird Mornings™

-- "Operation RubyThroat: The Hummingbird Project"
-- Operation RubyThroat Meets The GLOBE Program

-- The Hummingbirds of WINTER!

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-- The Excitement of Ornithology

-- Blue Jays Ain't All Bad
-- Feathers in the Wind: The Story of Hawk Mountain Sanctuary
-- Winter Site Fidelity in Purple Finches
-- Bluebird Trails: Conservation in Action
-- Trends in Eastern Populations of House Finches
-- Watching Winter Birds: Better Than Television!

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-- A Bird in the Hand: The History & Usefulness of Bird Banding

-- 45,000 and Counting: 22 Years of Banding Birds at Hilton Pond

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-- Simplicity & Complexity: Wildflowers of the Piedmont (and Some of the Rest of North America)

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-- Critters of the Catawba: Secrets of a Piedmont River
-- Tales of "The Piedmont Naturalist"
(an on-going series)
-- Snake Therapy for the Serpentophobic (and Others)
-- John Bachman, The Naturalist: In the Shadow of Audubon? (Not Any More!)

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-- Hunting for Honeyeaters: Keeping Things Hopping on Kangaroo Island

-- From Saguaros to Sidewinders: The Amazing Arizona Desert

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-- Fall Plantings for Spring Birds
-- Form & Texture in the Winter Garden

-- Goin' Natural: Growing Native Plants in Your Own Backyard

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-- Sex Life of the Red-eyed Turtle

-- Conservation for the Christian Consumer

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-- Teaching Science Across the Curriculum

-- Overhead Projectors: They're NOT Just for Transparencies Anymore
-- Why Teachers Don't Take Field Trips, And Why They Must
-- The Effects of Alcohol: Evolution in Reverse
-- Hummingbirds & Hamburgers & Higher Scores on PACT (Palmetto Achievement Challenge Tests)

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SPECIAL TEACHER WORKSHOPS (half-day and full-day; can involve lab & field work)
-- Teaching Science Across the Curriculum

-- Operation RubyThroat: Focus on Hummingbirds for Cross-disciplinary Learning
-- Fighting Fire with Fire: Teaching Science to the MTV Generation

-- Teaching Science (and Writing and Math!) in Outdoor Settings
-- Needles, Leaves, and Trunks: Secret Lives of Trees and Woodlands
-- I CAN Teach Science!
-- Learning Experiences: They're Where You MAKE Them, Not Where You Find Them
-- Supervising Long-term Projects: Living the Scientific Method

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-- Patience & Perseverance: What Makes a Really Good Scientist--or Science Student?

-- Hummingbirds, Hamburgers, and the Need for Minority Biologists
-- Meet the Boa Constrictor: Are You a Good Observer?
-- Meet the Boa Constrictor: Two-and-a-Half Meters of Math & Science
-- Meet the Boa Constrictor: Twisting Our Way Through English & Social Studies

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-- School-wide Naturalist-in-Residence Program

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PLUS . . . lectures, workshops & field trips on any aspect of natural history, science education & conservation.

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Fees for presentations by Bill Hilton Jr. vary with topic, size and type of audience, and distance traveled. To book a presentation for your next meeting, contact Hilton at 803-684-5852 or via e-mail at EDUCATION.

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