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Installment #817
Slow Going In December,
But Interesting Returns And
Another Big Milestone

(1-21 December 2023)

Installment #820
Time For A Change:
Hilton Pond's For Sale As We Move
Operations To A New Locale

(1-7 January 2024)

NOTE: December 2023 installments that include the York/Rock Hill Christmas Bird Count and end-of year banding totals for Hilton Pond Center will be posted when complete.

Important Information
2022 Bird Banding Summary:
Above Average For Many Species,
New Records For A Few

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-- Introduction

-------- Location
-------- Origins
-------- General Activities
-------- On-site Guided Field Trips
-- What's New?
-------- (Items in this section change on a regular basis.)
-- Funding & Support
-------- List of Supporters
-------- Contributions Form
-------- Order an
Operation RubyThroat T-shirt
-- Staff, Board of Trustees & Advisory Council
-------- Staff
---------------- Dr. Bill Hilton Jr. (Executive Director)
------------------------ Biographical Sketch
------------------------ Resumé
------------------------ Publications
------------------------ Genealogical Research (Ballard, Byars, Dressler, Franks, Hilton, Krug, Lauderback, Schade, Strange, Werle, and others)
-------- Board of Trustees
-------- Advisory Council

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RESEARCH at Hilton Pond
-- Birds, Bird Banding & Bluebird Trail
-------- General Bird Banding Activities
---------------- Charts & Tables of Banding Results
------------------------ Table #1: Checklist of Birds & Species Banded at Hilton Pond
------------------------ Table #2: Birds Banded at Hilton Pond and Recovered/Recaptured Outside York County SC
------------------------ Table #3: Birds Banded at Hilton Pond and Recovered/Recaptured Within York County SC
------------------------ Table #4: Birds Banded Elsewhere and Recaptured at Hilton Pond
------------------------ Chart #1: Annual Numbers of Individual Birds & Species Banded at Hilton Pond
------------------------ Chart #2: Species with more than 400 Individuals Banded at Hilton Pond
-------- Photos of Birds Banded, Grouped by Family
-------- Ruby-throated Hummingbird
(Archilochus colubris)
-------- Vagrant & Winter Hummingbird Banding
-------- Purple Finch (Carpodacus purpureus) & House Finch (C. mexicanus)
-------- Northern Saw-whet Owl (Aegolius acadicus)
-------- Blue Jay (Cyanocitta cristata)
-------- Nestbox Studies
---------------- Barn Owl Nestboxes
------------------------ Blueprint for Barn Owl Nestbox
---------------- Bluebird Nestboxes
------------------------ Maintaining Bluebird Nestboxes
------------------------ Blueprint for Bluebird Nestbox
---------------- Hilton Pond Center Bluebird Trail
---------------- Wood Duck Nestboxes
---------------- First South Carolina Banding of Tree Swallow Nestlings
-------- York/Rock Hill Audubon Christmas Bird Count
-- Plant & Fungi Inventory
-------- Plant Family Master list
-------- Trees
-------- Shrubs
-------- Vines
-------- Herbaceous Flowers
-------- Aquatic Plants
-------- Ferns
-------- Mosses & Liverworts
Club Mosses
-------- Fungi
-------- Lichens
-------- Grasses
-- Animal Inventory
-------- Birds
-------- Mammals
-------- Reptiles
-------- Amphibians
-------- Fish
-------- Insects
---------------- Orders of Insects
---------------------------- Dragonflies & Damselflies
---------------------------- Beetles
---------------------------- Butterflies & Moths
---------------------------- Flies
-------- Miscellaneous Invertebrates
---------------------------- Spiders, Ticks & Kin
---------------------------- Millipedes & Centipedes
---------------------------- Crayfish & Kin
---------------------------- Segmented Worms
---------------------------- Snails, Slugs & Mussels
---------------------------- Other Invertebrates
-- Ecological Investigations
-------- Natural Succession at Hilton Pond Center
-------- Control of Foreign Invasive Plants
-- Other Research
-------- Small Mammals of the Piedmont
-------- Monarch Watch®
-------- Schweinitz's Sunflower Recovery

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EDUCATION at Hilton Pond
-- On-site Guided Field Trips
-- Workshops & Presentations
-------- HUMMINGBIRDS --
---------------- Hummingbirds & Hamburgers: The Tropical Connection
---------------- Hummingbird Mornings™
"Operation RubyThroat: The Hummingbird Project" (An International Cross-disciplinary Learning Initiative)
---------------- The Hummingbirds of WINTER!
-------- OTHER BIRDS
---------------- The Excitement of Ornithology
---------------- Blue Jays Ain't All Bad: Behavioral Ecology of a Common Bird Species
---------------- Feathers in the Wind: The Story of Hawk Mountain Sanctuary
---------------- Winter Site Fidelity in Purple Finches
---------------- Bluebird Trails: Conservation in Action
---------------- Trends in Eastern Populations of House Finches
---------------- Watching Winter Birds: Better Than Television!
---------------- A Bird in the Hand: The History & Usefulness of Bird Banding
---------------- 42,000 and Counting: 21 Years of Banding Birds at Hilton Pond
---------------- Simplicity & Complexity: Wildflowers of North America
---------------- Critters of the Catawba: Secrets of a Piedmont River
---------------- Tales of "The Piedmont Naturalist"
---------------- Snake Therapy for the Serpentophobic (and Others)
---------------- Hunting for Honeyeaters: Keeping Things Hopping on Kangaroo Island
---------------- From Saguaros to Sidewinders: The Amazing Arizona Desert
-------- GARDENING
---------------- Fall Plantings for Spring Birds
---------------- Form & Texture in the Winter Garden
---------------- Goin' Natural: Growing Native Plants in Your Own Backyard
---------------- Sex Life of the Red-eyed Turtle
---------------- Conservation for the Christian Consumer
---------------- Teaching Science Across the Curriculum
---------------- Overhead Projectors: They're Not Just for Transparencies Anymore
---------------- Why Teachers Don't Take Field Trips, And Why They Must
---------------- The Effects of Alcohol: Evolution in Reverse
---------------- Hummingbirds & Hamburgers & Higher Scores on PACT
-------- SPECIAL TEACHER WORKSHOPS (half-day and full-day; can involve lab & field work)
---------------- Teaching Science Across the Curriculum
Operation RubyThroat: The Hummingbird Project (Focus on Hummingbirds for Cross-disciplinary Learning)
---------------- Fighting Fire with Fire: Teaching Science to the MTV Generation
---------------- Teaching Science (and Writing and Math!) in Outdoor Settings
---------------- Needles, Leaves, and Trunks: Secret Lives of Trees and Woodlands
---------------- I Can Teach Science!
---------------- Learning Experiences: They're Where You MAKE Them, Not Where You Find Them
---------------- Supervising Long-term Projects: Living the Scientific Method
---------------- Patience & Perseverance: What Makes a Really Good Scientist-or Science Student?
---------------- Hummingbirds, Hamburgers, and the Need for Minority Biologists
---------------- Meet the Boa Constrictor: Are You a Good Observer?
---------------- Meet the Boa Constrictor: Two-and-a-Half Meters of Math & Science
---------------- Meet the Boa Constrictor: Twisting Our Way Through English (or Social Studies)
-------- PLUS . . . Lectures, Workshops & Field Trips on any aspect of Natural History, Science Education & Conservation.
-- Consulting Services
-- Operation RubyThroat
-- Mentoring, Student Research, and Internships

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PUBLICATIONS from or about Hilton Pond
-- The Piedmont Naturalist, Vol. 1 (1986):
A collection of newspaper essays about nature; available now (or very soon) as
an e-Book download via Amazon (Kindle), Google Books, Barnes & Noble Nook), and Apple's iTunes Store (iBooks); all proceeds from the sale of the book support education, research, and conservation work of Hilton Pond Center. Volumes 2 & 3 will follow shortly.

-- This Week at Hilton Pond: A continuing series of nearly 700 on-line weekly photo essays about nature happenings, started 2 February 2000
-------- 2000 (56 photo essays)
-------- 2001 (53 photo essays)
-------- 2002 (49 photo essays)
-------- 2003 (49 photo essays)
-------- 2004 (49 photo essays)
-------- 2005 (46 photo essays)
-------- 2006 (44 photo essays)
-------- 2007 (43 photo essays)
-------- 2008 (37 photo essays)
-------- 2009 (38 photo essays)
-------- 2010 (38 photo essays)
-------- 2011 (32 photo essays)
-------- 2012 (
-------- 2013 (
-------- 2014 (
-------- 2015 (
-------- 2016 (
-------- 2017 (
-------- 2018 (
-------- 2019 (

-- General Articles About Birds & Other Nature Topics (more to come!)

-- Other Authors (more to come, we hope!)

-- Technical Publications (more to come!)

-- Photo Gallery
Contributors' Gallery
-- Whatizit?
-- Archives


-- This Week at Hilton Pond (regular series of photo essays about nature)
-- Report Winter Hummingbird Sightings
-- Attracting & Feeding Birds

-- Nuts About Nature:
Audio/Video Web Chats for Students
Nuts About Nature: TappedIn
Monthly Web Chats for educators
-- Protocol: Humane Treatment of Birds Used in Educational Bird Banding Projects at
Hilton Pond Center
-- Invite is for a Presentation or Workshop
-- Take a Guided Field Trip at
Hilton Pond
-- Catawba River Watershed
-- Catawba Indians and Their Pottery
-- Technical Information about this Website
-- Web Site Awards & Kudos
-- Hilton Genealogical Research
(including Ballard, Byars, Dressler, Franks, Hilton, Krug, Lauderback, Schade, Strange, Werle, and others)
-- Other Carolinas & Piedmont Nature Sites


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