LIST of TOPICS for 2011

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A female Marbled Salamander (above) at Hilton Pond Center.
(from the 8-16 January 2011 photo essay)

Listed below, by date, are nature topics covered in each installment of "This Week at Hilton Pond" for 2011. Click on the date to go to a specific weekly account. You can also use the on-site Search Engine to locate a particular topic.

Each installment includes a list of birds banded that week--usually with stunning color photos--as well as any notable recaptures of banded birds.

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January 2011

  • 01-07--#499--20th Annual York/Rock Hill Christmas Bird Count
  • 08-16--#500--A Perfect January Snowstorm
  • 17-25--#501--500 (and one) Photo Essays About Nature, And Counting!
  • 26 Jan-14 Feb--#502--Things Go Awry: Our 11th Costa Rica Hummingbird Expedition (Th'Levens in Guanacaste)

February 2011

  • 15-18--#503--Ruby-throats & Chayote: Something New With Hummingbirds In Costa Rica
  • 19-28--#504--The Hummingbird Adventure REALLY Continues: Fun & Tribulations For The "GuateNeers" In Guatemala

March 2011

  • 01-12--#505--Round 3 of the "2011 Hummingbird Jinx": BeLevens In Belize
  • 13-31--#506--Diminutive Downy: North America's Smallest Woodpecker

April 2011

  • 01-10--#507--Signs Of Middle Spring 2011
  • 11-21--#508--Signs Of Middle Spring 2011 (Part 2)
  • 22 Apr-1 May--#509--A Trio Of Announcements: Book, Bluebirds, Baby

May 2011

  • 01-14--#510--Appalachian Spring, 2011
  • 15-22--#511--American Goldfinches Revisited--And Revisiting
  • 23-31--#512--Spring Fancy: It's All About Passing The Genes

June 2011

  • 01-12--#513--A Day With The Daisies: Pollinators & Petal-eaters
  • 13-21--#514--Compound Leaves
  • 22-30--#515--Midsummer Sampler 2011

July 2011

  • 01-14--#516--Pollinators Aplenty: English Ivy's mixed Blessings
  • 15-31--#517--Nicaragua Ruby-throats, Here We Come!

August 2011

  • 01-31-=#518--Spiders Of August: The Case For Arachnophilia

September 2011

  • 01-07--#519--Sittin' On the Dock Of The Pond, And Other Bird Stuff
  • 08-14--#520--September Serendipity
  • 15-30--#521--Confusing Fall . . . Composites

October 2011

  • 01-10--#522--Bird-Banding, Warbler-Watching, Hawk-Gawking . . . And Some Nature-Nurturing, Too
  • 11-21--#523--Ode To Goldenrod, 2011
  • 22-31--#524--White Hummingbirds 2011: Albinos, Leucistos & Pieds

November 2011

  • 01-11--#525--Costa Rican Abstractions: Color, Shape & Texture In The Neotropics
  • 12-20--#526--Hummingbirds In Costa Rica: The Chayoteers At Ujarrás (Banding Ruby-throats Where They're NOT Supposed To Be")
  • 21-30--#527--Costa Rican Hummingbirds In-The-Hand: Close-up Views Of 13 Species

December 2011

  • 01-14--#528--Costa Rican Chayote, Sechium edule: Food Crop Pollination By Hummingbirds
  • 15-21--#529--21st Annual York/Rock Hill SC Christmas bird Count (2011)
  • 22-31--#530--2011 Bird Banding Totals: Highest In Nine Years And Ninth Best Ever

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