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LIST of TOPICS for 2002

All text & photos © Hilton Pond Center

Male Rose-breasted Grosbeak (1-7 May 2002)

Listed below, by date, are topics covered in each installment of "This Week at Hilton Pond" for 2002. Click on the date to go to a specific weekly account. You can also use the on-site Search Engine to locate a particular topic.

Each installment includes a list of birds banded that week--usually with stunning color photos--as well as any notable recaptures of banded birds.

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This Week at Hilton Pond
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January 2002

  • 01-07--#106--Ebony And Ivory: Blackbirds In The Snow
  • 08-14--#107--Broomsedge Aglow In The Midwinter Sun
  • 15-21--#108--On Becoming A Certified Backyard Wildlife Habitat
  • 22-31--#109--A New Kind Of Fish Hawk? (Red-shouldered Hawk)

February 2002

  • 01-07--#110--A Little Mouse Of Gold (Ochrotomys nuttalli)
  • 08-14--#111--Getting High With Suckers, Tendrils, And Adventitious Roots (Climbing Vines)
  • 15-21--#112--Snowbird . . . Without The Snow (Juncos)
  • 22-28--#113--February Blahs (Jonquils)

March 2002

  • 01-07--#114--Hummingbird With Purple Chin (Black-chinned Hummingbird)
  • 08-14--#115--Uneaten Wild Fruits
  • 15-21--#116--Spring Has Sprung!
  • 22-31--#117--Tree-Ear & Witch's Butter (Jelly Fungi)

April 2002

  • 01-07--#118--Pipeorgan Mud Daubers (Wasps)
  • 08-14--#119--Pinxter-flower (Wild Azalea)
  • 15-21--#120--Definitely A Dicot (Black Walnut)
  • 22-28--#121--We've Got The Blues (Indigo Bunting, Blue Grosbeak, Eastern Bluebird, Blue Jay)

May 2002

  • 01-07--#122--A Glut Of Grosbeaks? (Rose-breasted Grosbeaks)
  • 08-14--#123--The King Of Snakes (Eastern Kingsnake)
  • 15-21--#124--Waterthrush (Northern & Louisiana)
  • 22-31--#125--Daisy Fleabane

June 2002

  • 01-07--#126--Vacation Week (Ruby-throated Hummingbird recapture)
  • 08-14--#127--Black, Bristly Caterpillar (Giant Leopard Moth)
  • 15-21--#128--Trumpet Creeper Revisited
  • 22-30--#129--Hummingbird Homebody

July 2002

  • 01-07--#130--Birds Of The Week
  • 08-14--#131--June Bug's Gotta Eat, Too!
  • 15-21--#132--Tricky Flycatchers (Empidonax)
  • 22-31--#133--Operation RubyThroat Meets The GLOBE Program

August 2002

  • 01-07--#134--Big Green Monster? (Luna Moth Caterpillar)
  • 08-14--#135--Take It All Off (Black Ratsnake Shedding Skin)
  • 15-21--#136--Drought At Hilton Pond: One Year Later
  • 22-31--#137--Bald Cypress: Tree Of the Piedmont

September 2002

  • 01-07--#138--Orchids In The Grass (Slender Ladies' Tresses)
  • 08-14--#139--Black And Yellow Warbler (Magnolia Warbler)
  • 15-21--#140--Poke Sallet? None For Us, Thanks (Pokeweed)
  • 22-30--#141--Another Western Vagrant Comes To York (Rufous Hummingbird)

October 2002

  • 01-07--#142--First Fun Fungi Quiz (Mushroom Identification)
  • 08-14--#143--An Unusual Hummingbird Year
  • 15-21--#144--Carolina Moonseed
  • 22-31--#145--Long Live The King(lets)!

November 2002

  • 01-07--#146--Thomas Lincoln's LBJ (Lincoln's Sparrow)
  • 08-14--#147--Ouch, Honey! (Honeylocust)
  • 15-21--#148--The Grackles Are Back! (Common Grackles)
  • 22-30--#149--Tale Of A Wide-Ranging Rufous (Rufous Hummingbird Foreign Recapture)

December 2002

  • 01-07--#150--The Ice Storm Cometh
  • 08-14--#151--Bird Ticks
  • 15-21--#152--12th Annual York/Rock Hill Christmas Bird Count (2002)
  • 22-28--#153--A Ghost Deer For Christmas (Piebald White-tailed Deer)
  • 29-31--#154--2002 Banding Year At Hilton Pond: Things Are Looking Up

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